A Chat With Larry Frank

 It is my pleasure to bring to you, my first guest, he is a passionate geek, so techie to the extent that he earned himself the title ”The Tech Evangelist”.There isn’t a tech related news or tutorial that cannot be found on the blog of this fellow. I am talking about the Nigerian based young blogger, Larry Frank. I have known Larry for a couple of years now, indeed he is nice person to be with, he communicates freely, he is a great teacher and in fact my relationship with this friend of mine have been beneficial. Today Larry Frank talks about himself and his blogging career. In this brief chat, he was able to throw some light on his experience as a newbie and the mistakes he made when starting out on blogging. Every business person must encounter failure but you shouldn’t be discouraged as a result. Hope the young bloggers reading this may tap a bit of inspiration from this.

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Update: Larry’s Blog FlowinTechBlog.com is now at TechRibs.net. All links have been changed as well.

A Chat With Larry Frank

CHINEDU: Hi Larry Frank, it is my pleasure to have you here for this brief chat. Welcome to my blog.

LARRY: Hey Chinedu, wonderful blog you’ve got here, all the same it’s my pleasure to be here on your blog.

CHINEDU:  At this point, I believe my readers are wondering who you really are. Would you mind introducing yourself?

LARRY: Sure Chinedu, I’m Larry Frank a Nigerian blogger, a passionate geek who love to share his findings and experience with others. Apart from sharing my findings and experience via blogging, I’m in love with my piano.

CHINEDU:  So Larry, for how long have you been in the blogosphere?

LARRY: I once ran a forum but that was long ago and my blogging career began about two years ago.

CHINEDU:  What prompted you to start blogging? What actually motivated you to venture into blogging?

LARRY: Actually when I ran my forum then, although a wap site anyway, what we did most were cracking of free browsing tweaks and I would say I’ve been in the field on writing and replying to comments for a long time, not until many of us who owned forums started switching to blogging, so I saw it as a nice move to switch from forum to blog. This was the conception of FlowingTechBlog. And while on my blog I still maintained the tech niche. All thanks goes to Oscar Frank of OscarMini.Com he was the one always there for me at the early stage.

CHINEDU:  While blogging as a newbie, I believe there were certain things you didn’t do right owing to ineptitude in the field. What do you think were the mistakes you made and how did you get on with all of it?

LARRY: Everybody has a story to tell either good or bad, I’ve made some silly mistakes and I’m glad I was quick in observing my mistakes. I think it’s nice you see my article Titled: An Alien In The Blogosphere: My Mistakes In The Blogging World. In this article I talked about my mistakes as an Alien in the blogging world.


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CHINEDU:  What niche do you specialize in? [And why do you chose this niche?]

LARRY: My blog (FlowingTechBlog) is a tech niche blog that cover’s, Mobile tutorial, PC tutorials, gadget, Tech News and in fact all tech related issues, on seeing the title (The Tech Evangelist) it gives a clear explanation of what the blog is all about. As I said earlier I ran a forum that was more or less a free-browsing portal and I deal more on free browsing for gadgets, so while switching to a blog I continued what I knew how to do best although I made it more professional this time.

CHINEDU:  Looking at FlowingTechBlog, one can’t easily resist the nice, valuable and catchy contents contained therein. How do you come up with such great posts?

LARRY: Thanks for the complement anyway. Whenever I want to write an article I bring out minimum of one hour and while writing. I visit active forums and blogs in my niche and also visit question and answer sites, then write a post with an answer to questions people ask most. I write in a conversational tone. I make sure I write my voice.

CHINEDU:  Throughout this whole period you’ve been blogging, what have been your most efficient strategy of driving traffic to your blog?

LARRY: Search Engine is no doubt the best way to drive mind blowing traffic, but it needs to be worked on anyway. Apart from search engine, I make use of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Forums that are in my niche and blogging communities like indiblogger, blogengage, kingged and klinkk are all great places, and I use them to promote my blog.

CHINEDU:  What have been your major source of inspiration all through the years?

LARRY: Thanks goes to Oscar Frank, I must confess, blogging isn’t a “get rich fast” business. At the early stage of my blogging journey he always told me that “hard work pays” this words have kept me all through the long run.

CHINEDU:  Just like many, or maybe I should say every other person. I believe you have either a role model or a mentor in the blogosphere. Who do you actually look up to in the blogging planet?

LARRY: 100% credit goes to Oscar Frank Of OscarMini, he’s one of those tender hearted persons, he has been by my side since the early stage and even till now he’s still there like someone I can look up to, in fact my first blogs domain name was bought by him although not a tech niche blog. I also use this medium to say a big THANK YOU to him.

CHINEDU:  As a blogger, your eyes are always fixed on your computer, discovering means of achieving the sole aim of most bloggers; revenue! But I strongly believe that you still got time for leisure. What do you occupy yourself with during your leisure hours?

LARRY: Actually during leisure, I’m either reading or writing articles to help enhance my writing ability, else I must be with my piano, I must confess I’m in love with my piano. Probably playing the piano is one of my priorities.

CHINEDU:  Aside blogging, are there other skills you’ve acquired that adds to the level of your income? Be it freelancing or so?

LARRY: Yes I’m a web designer who loves to play around with scripts and there are series of websites I’ve designed, not only that, I create and design blogs. The truth is, all my businesses are online apart from an offline job which I do part time.

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CHINEDU:  It’s really nice to have you here Larry Frank, and I believe we’ve actually said a lot. It is so obvious, beyond reasonable doubt that some of my readers are newbies in the blogosphere. What advice do you have for them?

LARRY: Anyone who wishes to venture into blogging should know that blogging isn’t a get rich quick game, and it takes only the strong mind to go through the ups and downs. At a time blogging can be really be frustrating, and what can see you through in such circumstance is perseverance and patience, if these two work together in your blogging career then surely yours would be a successful blogging career.

CHINEDU:  It is indeed a great pleasure to have you here Larry Frank, in one way or the other, I believe you must have immensely impacted in the lives of all who had read this conversion. Thanks for coming, do have a wonderful day.

LARRY: Thanks Chinedu for this awesome opportunity. I appreciate.

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