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Chinedu Joseph Ngwu


My name is Chinedu Joseph Ngwu, a young entrepreneur, blogger, writer and internet marketer from Nigeria. I started my first blog www.glitzyhub.com, now www.chinedu.net (this very blog) in 2014. After running this blog for a year and some months, I decided research and try out some other online making strategies, and fortunately they generated good results as well.

On this blog I will be publishing my experience during the past years of blogging, as well as products of my numerous research. From time to time, I will be dropping blogging and money making strategies that will help you skyrocket your blog to a greater height and of course generate some bucks.

As a way of educating my readers, internet experts are being invited to this platform to share their experiences, ideas and findings via my interview exercise.

Besides blogging and internet marketing, I can also serve in the following ways:

Blog Post/Article Writing: All you have to do is give me a topic and I will write you a unique and great article to suit your desire. Before my first blog was created in 2014, I was already writing articles and publications. While researching and working online, I grew to be versatile in different topics, so getting you an outstanding article on any topic will be a walk-over.

Logo Design: I am a designer, working with different design softwares since 2012. Do you need a logo for your online business? Do you need banner ads to advertise and market your business? Then I am here to help you. Let me work on your custom order and give you that professional service you require.

I am happy to have you on my blog. Thank you for stopping by.

To get in touch, you can reach me via my Contact Page.

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