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Last Update July 3rd, 2017.

Not very long ago, a wrote an article where I revealed Swisscoin cryptocurrency, an emerging digital money that have been building millionaires world wide. I have been in swisscoin since June 2016 and I must say that the experience is overwhelming.

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So far, I was able to generate over €17,000 from Swisscoin. I receive bonuses everyday 🙂 I discovered that most prospects find it difficult to understand the concept of this digital currency, thus, I have compiled answers to the possible questions that might be running through your mind. See below:

Q. What is Swisscoin?

Swisscoin is a new cryptocurrency launched from a company based based in Switzerland.
cryptocurrency is “digital money” and is created by a technology called blockchain. It has a pre set limited amount making the value to be determined by the demand, therefore the value of a cryptocurrency is always extremely low at start, gaining a higher value as more people invest in ownership of the cryptocurrency in hand.

Q. How does Swisscoin work?

Swisscoin is offering members of the community an opportunity to invest in and get ownership of coins before they are offering it to the public market, they are allowing people to invest and secure themselves the coin making them the owners and the one’s who will profit from selling the coin to the public at a higher value.
The company is using the network marketing concept up until public launch to build a pre demand of it and therefore ensure the growth of value. By doing this they have marketers all over the world working daily with sharing the information on Swisscoin, creating awareness of the coin and therefore ensuring the demand to grow.

Q. What is the company’s strategy to become one of the top 3 cryptocurrencies in the market?

The company strategy to become one of the top 3 cryptocurrencies in the market is:
1. Using the network marketing concept, a peer to peer recommendation system to create awareness of the coin, creating a pre demand for the coin ensuring the value to increase once it starts mining.

2. Focusing on the utility of the swisscoin, meaning education to merchants on the benefits of using and accepting swisscoin as a payment method, the benefits of reduced transaction costs as well as many other points, the gathering of acceptance places around the world has already started with close to 1000 Merchants connecting in less than 4 weeks

Q. Who can participate in Swisscoin?

Anyone and everyone can participate in Swisscoin, swisscoin is “user friendly” and does not require any previous knowledge, advanced programs or any system except the Swisscoin account/dashboard. Swisscoin is made user friendly and simple to be able to reach the masses (big market)

Q. How can I mine Swisscoin?

You can not mine Swisscoin, the coins will be mined by the company and distributed to the members according to when the member invested and at the appropriate difficulty level (simple and user friendly)

Q. Will Swisscoin be a decentralized blockchain?

Yes, the Blockchain of swisscoin will be completely decentralized and controlled by the network of users verifying each transaction, just like bitcoin.

Update: The swisscoin decentralized blockchain is now live at http://explorer.swisscoin.eu

Q. When will Swisscoin be on the public exchange?

Swisscoin will be decentralized and offered on the public exchange on August 1st 2017

Q. How can I invest in swisscoin?

To invest in swisscoin at this stage, you need to create an account through an invitation link. An invitation link you can get from the person who introduced you to Swisscoin. After setting up your account, you fund your ewallet to be able to purchase a swisscoin educational package containing tokens. Funding details can be found under information center in your backoffice.

Q. What are tokens?

Token is the means which company uses to calculate how many coins you will get depending on total amount submitted at any difficulty rate (total number of tokens divided by difficulty level gives you amount of coins)

Q. What is difficulty level?

The difficulty level determines the amount of tokens used to generate 1 swisscoin. The more coins that are mined (the less coins that are left to produce) the higher the difficulty level of producing them. In the beginning of a cryptocurrency the difficulty is very low, as the demand increases and more people invest, the less coins are left of the total amount and the difficulty increases.

Q. What is a split?

A split is a company bonus that will double the amount of tokens you have, therefore you will also get twice as many coins from mining. All packages from Swisscoin contains at least one split.

Q. What is KYC?

KYC stands for “know your customer” and it’s a standard banking procedure verifying who you are. Copy of passport / valid photo ID and proof of residence (utility bill) must be uploaded in your account for verification.
This is to prevent money laundering, fraud and other illegal activities and to ensure Swisscoin as a fully legal company,  KYC verification can take time as it is done manually so it is advisable you submit your KYC documents quickly in order for you to be verified as soon as possible.

Q. Can I sell my coins right away?

No, it is not possible to sell any coins before the initial public offering on the 1st of August 2017.You can only sell after the coin is offered to the public come August 2017

Q. What happens to my account in case of death?

In case of death it is important that you keep your username, password and transaction password written down in your will. This makes it possible to log in to your account to update the profile and submit a new kyc for the new owner.

Q. Does swisscoin have a blockchain?

No, swisscoin does not have a blockchain as of the date January 14th, 2017,  the Swisscoin Blockchain is being developed at the moment and it will be launched live at the Swisscoin International convention on the 9th of April 2017.

Update: Swisscoin now has a blockchain live at http://explorer.swisscoin.eu

Q. Will there be limitations on how many coins to sell once swisscoin is public?

No, there will be no limitations on selling, trading or transferring swisscoin. Swisscoin will be completely decentralized just like bitcoin.

Q. Can I profit from swisscoin as only investor or am I obligated to bring in people?

Yes, as an investor you will profit from the huge value increase that Swisscoin will experience over the years, there is absolutely no obligation for you to bring in people to make a profit from your investment,this is a choice if you want to help build the network and earning additional comission with nothing to do with your initial investment only your efforts. As investor You buy low and sell high.

Q. How can I make additional comission with Swisscoin?

To make additional comission outside of your investment in swisscoin, you need to invite others to join. If your actions generate an investment in swisscoin, you get paid. Company is offering a direct referral comission, fast start bonus, team bonus, matching bonus and an equity pool for Diamond ranked members.

Q. Is there a limit to how many I can introduce to swisscoin?

No, there is no limit to how many people you can introduce to swisscoin, it can be 10, it can be 10.000, it all depends on how many people you are willing to talk to.

Q. Is there any limitations on how much I can earn daily?

No, there are absolutely no limitations on how much you can earn per day in Swisscoin. Earnings are based solely on you and you teams effort in promoting swisscoin to generate investments. (Read how I made over $5000 from Swisscoin in one day)

Q. How can I climb the swisscoin Ranking?

You achieve a higher ranking by collecting BV and helping your team (direct referral) to build their team to achieve a higher ranking.

Q. Is there a guarantee % return on daily / weekly / monthly / yearly investment?

No, there is no daily return % on anything in swisscoin. Once invested in swisscoin you have ownership of the coin, these you will profit from at time of selling on exchange or using with merchants, when and at what value is of your choice (after August 2017)

Q. What is the expected growth in value?

2017 – €1.5

2018 – €5

2019 – €10

2020 – €20

Q. What is company doing to ensure the continuous success of the coin after going on the public exchange?

Swisscoin company will continously bring in new merchants to the swisscoin community accepting swisscoin as a payment method. The higher the usability of the coin the higher the demand, the higher the demand the higher the value.

Q. How will company keep making a profit after public launch?

Company will make a profit from transactions going through all merchants that have connected to accept swisscoin. This makes the process of gathering acceptance places company interest and will ensure the growth of value to keep rising.

Q. What do I need to do now to get started?

To get started, simply go back to the person who told you about Swisscoin. However, if you learnt about Swisscoin from this blog, then click the button below to get started.

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John - December 6, 2017

Hi Chinedu, i don’t know if you can tell me how to do in knowing how much i have made so far in an investment i made on swisscoin in the month of june this year. What i don’t like with this swisscoin platform is that you can’t call to get assistant when you are stack and even the support emails take a decade to come back to you. I bought a pack of 500 and 25 euros respectively and they said you buy the package and they do the trading so, for how long must i wait to get my returns since as i find it impossible to track the transactions. I was thinking i can see my returns to make request for withdrawal but it is not so. What do i do now.


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