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How to Generate Swisscoin Wallet for Transfer of Coins

It’s been one year since the Swisscoin project came to light and a lot have happened within this period. The company has succeeded in completing its blockchain, the swisscoin wallet is up and running correctly, and the official website is now in place.

Swisscoin is a brand new cryptocurrency that adopted the MLM strategy to raise funds for running its project. Currently, the company boasts of about 700,000 investors and have over 5000 merchants ready to accept Swisscoin as a means of payment after IPO in August 2017.

See: How I made over $5,000 from Swisscoin MLM in One Day

A few days ago, the Swisscoin management issued an email to Swisscoin users, instructing them to create and generate their respective  wallets so as to enable the company transfer the coins from the MLM account down to the blockchain wallet in preparation for public launch in August 2017.


Below is the exact email issued out by the management of Swisscoin

Dear SWISSCOIN_Partner,
We are very pleased to inform you that SWISSCOIN is making great strides towards SWISSCOIN´s public and stock exchange trading.
For the next 14 days your support is mandatory to activate the web wallet.
Please log in to your BackOffice and:
–       In the menu bar, click on the menu item “Basic Data”
(English language selection), then on “generate Wallet”
–       Then click on the Button “Create New Wallet”
–       Click on the red box and enter a password with 9 characters
(Letters big and small, digits and special characters)
–       Write down and keep the password in a safe place.
–       Then click on the blue button “Generate Wallet”
–       Save the keystore file write down your private key
–       Save your SIC address (2.Save your address)
–       Then click on the button “Access Existing Wallet” above
–       There you have to insert the stored / written down “Keystore File”
–       Enter your previously set password.
–       Now you are logged in to your SIC-Web Wallet. You find your SIC-address on the left side.
–       NOTE! Please follow the steps above. Otherwise your SWISSCOINS can NOT be transferred into your web wallet and the blockchain!
–       Summary”

With regards to that information, I have decided to do a short tutorial on how you can create and generate your Swisscoin wallet address and fill it in in your MLM account dashboard while you wait for the company to make the transfer. If you are having issue creating your wallet address and filling it into your account, do well to follow this guide carefully.

I have included a video to enhance your understanding of the whole procedure. Check it out as well.

How To Create Swisscoin Wallet Address

Watch the video below:

1. Log on to your Swisscoin account dashboard, click on the tab labelled “Basic Data” then select the “My Data” tab. On the page that appears, scroll down and click on “Create a SIC-wallet.

swisscoin wallet 1

2. You will be taken to the Swisscoin external wallet page ( Here you are to input a secure password so as to enable you to generate your wallet. Now input your password in the space provided and click on “Generate

swisscoin wallet 2

3. Note the password that was used to create the wallet. Also download and save your keystore, you will need them while accessing your wallet.

swisscoin wallet 3

4. Now click on the tab which says “Access Existing Wallet” and select the Keystore/JSON File format.

swisscoin wallet 4

5. Navigate to the area tagged “SELECT WALLET FILE” and select the file you have downloaded in step 3. Type in the password and unlock to reveal your wallet address

swisscoin wallet 5

6. Copy your wallet address as shown in the image below. You will need to fill it into your MLM account profile

swisscoin wallet 6

7. Now go back to your Swisscoin account dashboard and navigate thus; Basic Data>>> My Data>>> Edit Account. Scroll down to the box below the area labelled SIC Address. Paste your copied wallet address here.

swisscoin wallet 7

You have successfully created your swisscoin wallet address in readiness for public trading in August. Note that your coins will not be transferred to your wallet if you haven’t completed your KYC. Endeavour to do your KYC quickly.

For details on how to submit your documents for KYC verification, read this post

If you are yet to join swisscoin, do so now before it goes public. You might never have the opportunity to acquire the coin at this very low rate. Click the button below to register with Swisscoin

Join Swisscoin

Also see answers to Swisscoin frequently asked questions to get a summary of what the project is all about.

If you encounter any issue while trying to create your swisscoin wallet address, do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I will appreciate you share this post on Facebook and Twitter, and even stumble it on StumbleUpon.


Answers To Swisscoin Frequently Asked Questions

Last Update July 3rd, 2017.

Not very long ago, a wrote an article where I revealed Swisscoin cryptocurrency, an emerging digital money that have been building millionaires world wide. I have been in swisscoin since June 2016 and I must say that the experience is overwhelming.

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So far, I was able to generate over €17,000 from Swisscoin. I receive bonuses everyday 🙂 I discovered that most prospects find it difficult to understand the concept of this digital currency, thus, I have compiled answers to the possible questions that might be running through your mind. See below:

Q. What is Swisscoin?

Swisscoin is a new cryptocurrency launched from a company based based in Switzerland.
cryptocurrency is “digital money” and is created by a technology called blockchain. It has a pre set limited amount making the value to be determined by the demand, therefore the value of a cryptocurrency is always extremely low at start, gaining a higher value as more people invest in ownership of the cryptocurrency in hand.

Q. How does Swisscoin work?

Swisscoin is offering members of the community an opportunity to invest in and get ownership of coins before they are offering it to the public market, they are allowing people to invest and secure themselves the coin making them the owners and the one’s who will profit from selling the coin to the public at a higher value.
The company is using the network marketing concept up until public launch to build a pre demand of it and therefore ensure the growth of value. By doing this they have marketers all over the world working daily with sharing the information on Swisscoin, creating awareness of the coin and therefore ensuring the demand to grow.

Q. What is the company’s strategy to become one of the top 3 cryptocurrencies in the market?

The company strategy to become one of the top 3 cryptocurrencies in the market is:
1. Using the network marketing concept, a peer to peer recommendation system to create awareness of the coin, creating a pre demand for the coin ensuring the value to increase once it starts mining.

2. Focusing on the utility of the swisscoin, meaning education to merchants on the benefits of using and accepting swisscoin as a payment method, the benefits of reduced transaction costs as well as many other points, the gathering of acceptance places around the world has already started with close to 1000 Merchants connecting in less than 4 weeks

Q. Who can participate in Swisscoin?

Anyone and everyone can participate in Swisscoin, swisscoin is “user friendly” and does not require any previous knowledge, advanced programs or any system except the Swisscoin account/dashboard. Swisscoin is made user friendly and simple to be able to reach the masses (big market)

Q. How can I mine Swisscoin?

You can not mine Swisscoin, the coins will be mined by the company and distributed to the members according to when the member invested and at the appropriate difficulty level (simple and user friendly)

Q. Will Swisscoin be a decentralized blockchain?

Yes, the Blockchain of swisscoin will be completely decentralized and controlled by the network of users verifying each transaction, just like bitcoin.

Update: The swisscoin decentralized blockchain is now live at

Q. When will Swisscoin be on the public exchange?

Swisscoin will be decentralized and offered on the public exchange on August 1st 2017

Q. How can I invest in swisscoin?

To invest in swisscoin at this stage, you need to create an account through an invitation link. An invitation link you can get from the person who introduced you to Swisscoin. After setting up your account, you fund your ewallet to be able to purchase a swisscoin educational package containing tokens. Funding details can be found under information center in your backoffice.

Q. What are tokens?

Token is the means which company uses to calculate how many coins you will get depending on total amount submitted at any difficulty rate (total number of tokens divided by difficulty level gives you amount of coins)

Q. What is difficulty level?

The difficulty level determines the amount of tokens used to generate 1 swisscoin. The more coins that are mined (the less coins that are left to produce) the higher the difficulty level of producing them. In the beginning of a cryptocurrency the difficulty is very low, as the demand increases and more people invest, the less coins are left of the total amount and the difficulty increases.

Q. What is a split?

A split is a company bonus that will double the amount of tokens you have, therefore you will also get twice as many coins from mining. All packages from Swisscoin contains at least one split.

Q. What is KYC?

KYC stands for “know your customer” and it’s a standard banking procedure verifying who you are. Copy of passport / valid photo ID and proof of residence (utility bill) must be uploaded in your account for verification.
This is to prevent money laundering, fraud and other illegal activities and to ensure Swisscoin as a fully legal company,  KYC verification can take time as it is done manually so it is advisable you submit your KYC documents quickly in order for you to be verified as soon as possible.

Q. Can I sell my coins right away?

No, it is not possible to sell any coins before the initial public offering on the 1st of August 2017.You can only sell after the coin is offered to the public come August 2017

Q. What happens to my account in case of death?

In case of death it is important that you keep your username, password and transaction password written down in your will. This makes it possible to log in to your account to update the profile and submit a new kyc for the new owner.

Q. Does swisscoin have a blockchain?

No, swisscoin does not have a blockchain as of the date January 14th, 2017,  the Swisscoin Blockchain is being developed at the moment and it will be launched live at the Swisscoin International convention on the 9th of April 2017.

Update: Swisscoin now has a blockchain live at

Q. Will there be limitations on how many coins to sell once swisscoin is public?

No, there will be no limitations on selling, trading or transferring swisscoin. Swisscoin will be completely decentralized just like bitcoin.

Q. Can I profit from swisscoin as only investor or am I obligated to bring in people?

Yes, as an investor you will profit from the huge value increase that Swisscoin will experience over the years, there is absolutely no obligation for you to bring in people to make a profit from your investment,this is a choice if you want to help build the network and earning additional comission with nothing to do with your initial investment only your efforts. As investor You buy low and sell high.

Q. How can I make additional comission with Swisscoin?

To make additional comission outside of your investment in swisscoin, you need to invite others to join. If your actions generate an investment in swisscoin, you get paid. Company is offering a direct referral comission, fast start bonus, team bonus, matching bonus and an equity pool for Diamond ranked members.

Q. Is there a limit to how many I can introduce to swisscoin?

No, there is no limit to how many people you can introduce to swisscoin, it can be 10, it can be 10.000, it all depends on how many people you are willing to talk to.

Q. Is there any limitations on how much I can earn daily?

No, there are absolutely no limitations on how much you can earn per day in Swisscoin. Earnings are based solely on you and you teams effort in promoting swisscoin to generate investments. (Read how I made over $5000 from Swisscoin in one day)

Q. How can I climb the swisscoin Ranking?

You achieve a higher ranking by collecting BV and helping your team (direct referral) to build their team to achieve a higher ranking.

Q. Is there a guarantee % return on daily / weekly / monthly / yearly investment?

No, there is no daily return % on anything in swisscoin. Once invested in swisscoin you have ownership of the coin, these you will profit from at time of selling on exchange or using with merchants, when and at what value is of your choice (after August 2017)

Q. What is the expected growth in value?

2017 – €1.5

2018 – €5

2019 – €10

2020 – €20

Q. What is company doing to ensure the continuous success of the coin after going on the public exchange?

Swisscoin company will continously bring in new merchants to the swisscoin community accepting swisscoin as a payment method. The higher the usability of the coin the higher the demand, the higher the demand the higher the value.

Q. How will company keep making a profit after public launch?

Company will make a profit from transactions going through all merchants that have connected to accept swisscoin. This makes the process of gathering acceptance places company interest and will ensure the growth of value to keep rising.

Q. What do I need to do now to get started?

To get started, simply go back to the person who told you about Swisscoin. However, if you learnt about Swisscoin from this blog, then click the button below to get started.

Click Here to Get Started
Having trouble signing up? Contact me via my contact page, I will walk you through the whole process.


How I Made $5,551 on Swisscoin in One Day

Some months ago I wrote about Swisscoin, a brand new cryptocurrency based in Switzerland. Few months after the launch of this digital currency, a lot of people have already been enjoying the benefits that come with this business.

Just like I stated in that article about swisscoin, apart from making money from the swisscoin investment opportunity, you can also earn huge income when you embrace the business as a career. Swisscoin offers an awesome compensation plan.

Members are already making thousands of dollars from this business, and I am one of such members. On the 3rd of November, 2016, I made a whopping €5,222; that is about $5,551 calculating from today’s exchange rate.

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How I Received $5,529 on Swisscoin in Just One Day!

With swisscoin’s network marketing system, members are awarded bonuses when purchases are made on their team. As at November 3rd when I received this huge commission, I had a team of 2671 members.

Right now my team is made up of 3140 members. That is an additional 469 members within 20 days. Every day my team keeps increasing because more people continue to join the business on a daily business.


Click here to join swisscoin for free and grab your free 100 coins!

Swisscoin career levels range from Jade to Double Black Diamond. Bonuses are awarded for every rank attained. I got to the rank of Blue Diamond, and I was awarded €5000 ($5, 294) as a rank bonus. The additional €222 was my commission for purchases made on that very day

For you to qualify for the blue diamond rank on Swisscoin, your team must have accumulated up to 250,000 BVs (Business Volume). Within four months, my team generated a BV of over 257,000. That is about  €321,250 (€1=0.8BV).

How you too can make such money on Swisscoin?

It’s simple! 🙂

Join Swisscoin today, educate yourself very well on how the business works, tell people about the business and its benefits, get them to invest, and you will be awarded commissions from their purchases.

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Note that the €5000 I made doesn’t include my daily commissions since I joined this business. Apart from the €5000 awarded to me as the rank bonus for a blue diamond, I made a total of €3850 from the previous career levels I passed through before getting to this point.

€100 as a Pearl, €250 as a Sapphire, €500 as a Ruby, €1000 as an Emerald and €2000 as a Diamond. I joined Swisscoin around 17 June 2016, and since then, I’ve been able to generate a total income of about €15000.

I think you should consider joining this business and start banking some bonuses as well. I receive commissions daily. I just made  €130 today 🙂


For every commission received on swisscoin, 40% is automatically set aside for reinvestment while the 60% is made available for withdrawal. The 40% is used for buying more educational packages that will generate tokens that are used to mine the coins.

You do not buy coins directly from Swisscoin. Members purchase educational packages and receives tokens. Those tokens are now used to mine the coins.

Swisscoin is still at its early stage, estimated value of the coin by 2020 is over €10. Do not wait for the value to be so high before you invest. Invest right now when the value is still very low and sell in future when the value becomes high.

Click on the sign-up button below to join Swisscoin

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Do let me know what you think via the comment section. If you are already a member of swisscoin, you can share your experience with me as well


How Swisscoin Cryptocurrency will Make You a Billionaire

Last Update: 7th July, 2017

SwissCoin cryptocurrency is a new digital currency created by a Switzerland-based company with a partnership with different business partners from Germany. 5000 partners are backing up the coin right from start, and Manfred Mayer is the CEO of the company.

Cryptocurrency also referred to as “digital money” with the newly invented blockchain technology was established in 2009 with Bitcoin as the first company to join market by 2009. Since then, the world of digital currency has been dominated by Bitcoin. Bitcoin started trading at $0.02 and was later sold at over $1100 after four years. Currently, Bitcoin is valued at $700

swisscoin cryptocurrency

Kristoffer Koch from Norway heard about Bitcoin in 2009 and decided to invest $27 in it. The results was $886,000 by 2013. Hard to believe right? Check the story here  for confirmation 🙂

A lot of millionaires were made way back 2009 and beyond after the launch of Bitcoin. Remember I said Bitcoin is currently valued at $700 per coin.

Now come to think of it, imagine you were opportune to buy Bitcoins worth $500 back then with 1 Bitcoin valued at $0.02 during inception. How many coins will you have gotten with that $500?

Let’s do the math buddy.

Since a BitCoin is valued at $0.02, then $500 will yield ($500/$0.02) = 25000 coins.


As I mentioned earlier, BitCoin today is valued at $700 per coin, and you have 25000 with you already. Friend, please grab a calculator and do some math again.

1 BitCoin = $700

25000 BitCoins = (25000 x $700) $17,500,000

That’s a whopping 17 million dollars in just a few years of investing without doing any work. It sounds crazy, but believe me, it did happen, and a lot of people were transformed into millionaires and billionaires after the incident. Kristoffer Koch is an example of such people.

However, you do not need to bear any regrets about missing such an opportunity as there is another golden chance of this kind knocking at the door.

Swisscoin cryptocurrency is here to make you smile, to give you financial freedom, all you need to do is grab hold of this chance and become a benefactor of this multi-million project. This is a detailed information on the concept of swisscoin.

SwissCoin was pre-launched by May 11th, and the blockchain went live and mining commenced by June 4th.

Update: Value of Bitcoin is over $2000. You can monitor the growth of all cryptocurrencies on

Why does the value of cryptocurrency go up?

The reason the value of cryptocurrency goes up, is because it is set by supply and demand, meaning that the more people want to mine and own the coin, the higher the price becomes.

It is as a result of this, the value of BitCoin was able to rise to $700 within few years.

Swisscoin Blockchain

Blockchain is a technology that powers every cryptocurrency. A lot of people believe Swisscoin exist solely for the purpose of MLM. However, Swisscoin seems to be a real cryptocurrency with a decentralized blockchain. The blockchain will be fully functional after Swisscoin goes public by August, 2017. The Swisscoin blockchain was announced around February 2017. You can take see the explorer here

Swisscoin Wallet

Swisscoin wallet is now in place and will be put to work fully after swisscoin goes public. For now, users of swisscoin cryptocurrency are meant to generate their respective wallets and fill it into their profile so as to enable the management of swisscoin transfer all mined coins from the MLM accounts down to the newly created swisscoin wallet. You can have a look at the wallet here

Swisscoin Educational Packages

The company has a strategy to grow the network and and value of the coin, and create a global acceptance of the coin, this is why the concept of network marketing was adapted. As cryptocurrency is still so fresh and new to many many people, education, knowledge and information on the field is very important in order to understand how to profit, this is swisscoin provided a product in shape of online education in cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Swisscoin offer comissions to members on the work they do, so if you chose to share this business, learn and teach others on how they can profit from investments and trading with cryptocurrecies, you get paid for it.

The product that Swisscoin offers to it´s members is different levels of educational packs within cryptocurrency and finance, an academy for you to learn more and how to profit big from trading with cryptocurrency, so that one can educate themselves on the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency which is by guarantee the future of payments.

These educational packages range from €25 and up to €15,000. For the first time purchase of any pack, an activation fee of €25 will be charged. You won’t have to pay this fee anymore after your first purchase.

Update: €25,000 and €50,000 packs have been added. The €25 activation fee has been removed



In the selected pack you purchase you will also receive “tokens” that are used to generate SwissCoin in the system.

If you Invest €250, you will receive 2,500 tokens in your SwissCoin account and You will also receive one split. A split doubles your tokens, and there is a minimum monthly split of 1 and maximum of 3 splits, depending on the pack you choose.

Suppose you purchase the €250 pack, you will receive 2500 tokens. After split, your 2500 tokens will amount to 5000 tokens which you can submit for minning and obtain Swisscoins to sell in future when value increases.

The minning difficulty rate is currently 1/1 which means that you are going to spend 1 token to mine 1 coin. Having known that, it is clear that your 5000 tokens will yield 5000 Swisscoins. However, this will not last forever. When the value of Swisscoin cryptocurrency increases, difficulty rate becomes tougher. There will come a time when you will have to spend 10 tokens to mine a single coin. Please act now since the rate is still 1/1

It is predicted that the value of Swisscoin will rise up to 10euros or more by 2020. Now this is when the return on your investment will start flowing. By 2020, your 5000 coins will be worth €50,000 (5000 coins X 10euros). Isn’t that amazing? You where able to make €50,000 with €250 within four years. I believe you wouldn’t want to miss out on this.

Update: The difficulty rate is now at 1/12. You will need 12 tokens to mine 1 coin. An investment of €250 will be worth 4160 by 2020 (416 coins at difficulty rate of 12 X 10 euros)

Click here to join swisscoin today

Swisscoin International Money Transfer Technology

The SwissCoin technology enables a whole new payment system without any third party to charge high fees like banks, Western Union, and MoneyGram, etc. There is no form of delay while transferring. The transfer feature is available to everyone

It enables banking through your mobile phone which now opens up a possibility for over 2 billion unbanked people in our world, where the majority comes from South America, Africa, and Asia. That is almost 40% of the world’s growing population that do not have access to banking today.

The blockchain technology enables banking for all, through a mobile phone.

When understanding how powerful this is, you will understand the magnitude of what SwissCoin has in stock for everyone.

How to Fund Your Swisscoin Account

To fund your account two payment options are available, bank wire, and BitCoin payment.

Payza and Payoneer will be made available in no distant time.

Swisscoin Compensations Plan – How to Make Additional Money with Swisscoin Cryptocurrency

There are two ways of making money with SwissCoin:

  1. Investing in the mining of Swiss Coins as I have explained earlier
  2. Earning commissions and bonuses while referring people to SwissCoin.

Now I will be talking about the second method listed above.

Swisscoin cryptocurrency has an excellent compensations plan where members receive commissions to help educate more people and help them to benefit from Swisscoin

From any direct sale of the educational packs, you will receive 10% of the BV (business volume/investments) in commission. There are no limits to how many people you can “sponsor” in with your unique referral link.

One BV is equivalent to €0.8

For instance, a direct sale of €1000 pack gives a 1000 BV.

Calculating to commission using 1BV = €0.8 gives €800 (1000 BV X €0.8).

Remember you are entitled to a commission of 10% of the BV for every direct sale. With a BV of €800, the commission for the direct sale of a 1000 pack is €80 (10% of €800)

Team Bonuses

To be eligible for team bonus, you must have purchased a 50euros pack and then have refer at least two people who should buy a minimum of 25euros package each. The commission given paid out as team bonuses is between 2-22% of all sales done by your entire team down through infinity.

Remember a BV is equivalent to 0.8euros, so the table below shows the amount you receive as team bonus with respect to the amount of BV you are able to generate. See image below:

1000bv – 0
1000-5000bv – 2% = €80
5000-10000bv – 4% = €200
10000-25000bv – 6% = €750
25000-50000bv – 8% = €2000
50000-100000bv – 10% = €500

Matching Bonuses

To qualify for matching bonus you need to buy at least a 250euro package, and sponsor directly under you; two persons who must have purchased a minimum of 50euros pack each. Matching bonus pays on your team commission in 11 generations down, ranging from 1-20% of their earned commissions.

Suppose you are able to refer 5 persons who register directly under you, those persons make up your first generation. When they go about telling others about swisscoin and then refer 5 persons each, that becomes 25 persons who make up your second generation. Going with this sequence you will have 125 persons in your third generation and 625 in your fourth generation.

For your first generation you will get 5% of their earned commissions. For your second generation you will get 10% of their earned commissions, 15% for your third generation and 20% for your fourth generation. See image below

Swisscoin Amazing Career Opportunity

Swisscoin offers an exciting career opportunity that will interest you. Partners of swisscoin are grouped into various ranks. Each of these ranks has awards that are issued out to members. Below is a detail of how each rank works; starting from the least to the greatest.

JADE: To qualify for this rank, you must sponsor two swisscoin users and then have a cumulative BV of 1000. PIN and Urkunde is awarded to qualified members.

PEARL: To qualify for pearl, you must sponsor one jade and have a cumulative BV of 5000. PIN, Urkunde and 100euros rank bonus is awarded to qualified members.

SAPPHIRE: To qualify for sapphire, you must sponsor two jades and have a cumulative BV of 10000. PIN, Urkunde, and 250euros rank bonus is awarded to qualified members.

RUBY: To qualify for ruby, you must sponsor one pearl and have a cumulative BV of 25000. PIN, Urkunde and 500 rank bonus is awarded to qualified members.

EMERALD: To qualify for emerald, you must sponsor one sapphire and have a cumulative BV of 50000. PIN, Urkunde and 1000euros is awarded to qualified members.

Diamond Pool: The diamond pool consists of all the diamonds who enjoys 1-7% of worldwide sales done by the company. The bonus for diamonds is paid out twice a year. This is very huge! See more details below:

DIAMOND: To qualify for diamond, you must sponsor one ruby and have a cumulative BV of 100000. PIN, Urkunde and 2000euros is awarded to qualified members. Members also enjoy 1% of all sales done by the company world wide. This means that when swisscoin becomes a billion euro company, 1% (1 million euros) will be shared among all diamonds.

BLUE DIAMOND: To qualify for blue diamond, you must sponsor one emerald and have a cumulative BV of 250000. PIN, Urkunde, Award and 5000euros is awarded to qualified members. Members also enjoy 2% of all sales done by the company world wide.

GREEN DIAMOND: To qualify for green diamond, you must sponsor one diamond and have a cumulative BV of 500000. PIN, Urkunde exclusiv, Award and 10000euros is awarded to qualified members. Members also enjoy 3% of all sales done by the company world wide.

PURPLE DIAMOND: To qualify for purple diamond, you must sponsor two diamonds and have a cumulative BV of 1000000. PIN, Urkunde exclusiv, Award and 20000euros is awarded to qualified members. Members also enjoy 4% of all sales done by the company world wide.

RED DIAMOND: To qualify for red diamond, you must sponsor five diamonds and have a cumulative BV of 5000000. PIN, Urkunde exclusiv, Award and 100000euros is awarded to qualified members. Members also enjoy 5% of all sales done by the company world wide.

BLACK DIAMOND: To qualify for black diamond, you must sponsor ten diamonds and have a cumulative BV of 10000000. PIN, Urkunde exclusiv, Award and 200000euros is awarded to qualified members. Members also enjoy 6% of all sales done by the company world wide.

DOUBLE BLACK DIAMOND: To qualify for double black diamond, you must sponsor twenty diamonds and have a cumulative BV of 50000000. PIN, Urkunde exclusiv, Award and 1400000euros is awarded to qualified members. Members also enjoy 7% of all sales done by the company world wide.

The images below gives a clear picture of swisscoin’s career opportunity

career career2

How to Withdraw Your Commissions Bonuses

After you must have earned some commission in your Swisscoin ewallet, you have a couple of ways to withdraw your fund;

  1. Cash-out to bank account
  2. Using Swisscoin MasterCard
  3. Reinvest your fund into buying more coins and earning more money

When receiving a commission with SwissCoin, 60% goes to cash account free for you to use and 40% goes to mandatory trading account, used to purchase more packs/tokens to generate even more SwissCoins for you to continue accumulating more income.

How Do I Join SwissCoin?

Having learned about the exciting benefits of investing in Swisscoin cryptocurrency, I wonder why you shouldn’t sign up right now and start your journey to financial freedom. It is an opportunity that anyone wouldn’t want to miss.

You may be asking “What if it doesn’t work?” Now have you ever asked yourself this question; “What if it works”? 🙂 . It is better to loose 250euros today than to have your 250euros knowing that you have lost 50,000euros just to save your 250euros.


After signing up, reach me via the Contact page. Do well to set up your swisscoin profile after registeration. Failure to do this will result in suspension of your earnings; you won’t be able to withdraw your earnings until after you have completed your profile.

Final Words:

Swisscoin cryptocurrency is the next big thing that is about to happen. If you ever wished to be financially free, then I see no reason why you shouldn’t try out Swisscoin. A lot of people believe it to be a scam but I assure you that it’s not. Enstine Muki was able to correct that impression as well. Read his article where he proves that swisscoin is no scam

Enstine Muki proves swisscoin in not a scam

Still have some questions to ask? Do let me know via the comment section. Kindly share this post with your family and friends so they can start building their business empire as well.