Delete all Posts on a Facebook Page with These 3 Steps

In recent time, social media have become a useful tool for attracting loads of targeted traffic to a website. 90% of successful internet marketers use the social media to market their products and services. It is important for every blogger or internet marketer to make the most out of the social media since it is a strong marketing tool that shouldn’t be neglected.
Among the social media platforms used currently, Facebook appears to be one of the best in online marketing and today, I will be taking you on a tutorial on  how you can  delete all Posts on a Facebook Page.

delete all posts on a facebook page
[sociallocker]There are a couple of reasons why you would want to delete all posts on a Facebook page, perhaps you deem it necessary to re-brand your page or whatsoever. Whatever the reason may be, I would advise you think it over before carrying out this process since it cannot be reversed.[/sociallocker] If you have been making use of Facebook for some time now, then I believe you must have gotten a clear understanding of the term “Facebook page,” otherwise, I will be giving a brief explanation on that before we continue with the tutorial.
A Facebook page is a platform on Facebook, created specifically for businesses, celebrities, brands, and other organizations. Pages do not gain friends like personal profiles, rather, fans are being acquired.
Pages are created to connect with fans and share stories as well.

Now that we have gotten a highlight on what a Facebook page is let’s get on with the tutorial on how we can delete all posts on a Facebook page.

How to Delete ALL Posts on a Facebook Page

1.    Go to your Facebook page and click “Publishing Tools” at the top of your page.

2.    Now tick the box just beside “Posts”. With this, you can select all posts or choose just the posts you wish to delete.

3.    Finally, click the “Actions” button and select “Delete” from the drop-down.

You have successfully deleted the posts on your Facebook page. Do well to let me know via the comment section if you ever encounter any problem.

Note that you can delete just 25 posts at a time. So if you wish to remove more than 25 posts on your page, just repeat the process until all posts are removed.

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  • Hey Chinedu,
    Thanks for this tutorial.
    I like that you gave a warning note at the start of the post.
    People often don’t find reasons to empty their pages but it does happen at times.

    I’m sure this is quite helpful for anyone with the need to completely refresh any Facebook page.
    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend

    • Hi Enstine,

      Sure I am enjoying the weekend.
      I was re-branding one of my blogs and needed to do so to the Facebook fan page. After renaming the page, I got stocked. The posts on the page were too much that I couldn’t bear to delete them one after the other. After few minutes of non-stop research, I got a solution. It is possible that some other person out there might have have faced with the same challenge. This is what prompted me to share this post.

      Thanks for taking your time to drop a comment on my blog. Do have a wonderful weekend.


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