How to Generate Swisscoin Wallet for Transfer of Coins

It’s been one year since the Swisscoin project came to light and a lot have happened within this period. The company has succeeded in completing its blockchain, the swisscoin wallet is up and running correctly, and the official website is now in place.

Swisscoin is a brand new cryptocurrency that adopted the MLM strategy to raise funds for running its project. Currently, the company boasts of about 700,000 investors and have over 5000 merchants ready to accept Swisscoin as a means of payment after IPO in August 2017.

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A few days ago, the Swisscoin management issued an email to Swisscoin users, instructing them to create and generate their respective  wallets so as to enable the company transfer the coins from the MLM account down to the blockchain wallet in preparation for public launch in August 2017.


Below is the exact email issued out by the management of Swisscoin

Dear SWISSCOIN_Partner,
We are very pleased to inform you that SWISSCOIN is making great strides towards SWISSCOIN´s public and stock exchange trading.
For the next 14 days your support is mandatory to activate the web wallet.
Please log in to your BackOffice and:
–       In the menu bar, click on the menu item “Basic Data”
(English language selection), then on “generate Wallet”
–       Then click on the Button “Create New Wallet”
–       Click on the red box and enter a password with 9 characters
(Letters big and small, digits and special characters)
–       Write down and keep the password in a safe place.
–       Then click on the blue button “Generate Wallet”
–       Save the keystore file write down your private key
–       Save your SIC address (2.Save your address)
–       Then click on the button “Access Existing Wallet” above
–       There you have to insert the stored / written down “Keystore File”
–       Enter your previously set password.
–       Now you are logged in to your SIC-Web Wallet. You find your SIC-address on the left side.
–       NOTE! Please follow the steps above. Otherwise your SWISSCOINS can NOT be transferred into your web wallet and the blockchain!
–       Summary”

With regards to that information, I have decided to do a short tutorial on how you can create and generate your Swisscoin wallet address and fill it in in your MLM account dashboard while you wait for the company to make the transfer. If you are having issue creating your wallet address and filling it into your account, do well to follow this guide carefully.

I have included a video to enhance your understanding of the whole procedure. Check it out as well.

How To Create Swisscoin Wallet Address

Watch the video below:

1. Log on to your Swisscoin account dashboard, click on the tab labelled “Basic Data” then select the “My Data” tab. On the page that appears, scroll down and click on “Create a SIC-wallet.

swisscoin wallet 1

2. You will be taken to the Swisscoin external wallet page ( Here you are to input a secure password so as to enable you to generate your wallet. Now input your password in the space provided and click on “Generate

swisscoin wallet 2

3. Note the password that was used to create the wallet. Also download and save your keystore, you will need them while accessing your wallet.

swisscoin wallet 3

4. Now click on the tab which says “Access Existing Wallet” and select the Keystore/JSON File format.

swisscoin wallet 4

5. Navigate to the area tagged “SELECT WALLET FILE” and select the file you have downloaded in step 3. Type in the password and unlock to reveal your wallet address

swisscoin wallet 5

6. Copy your wallet address as shown in the image below. You will need to fill it into your MLM account profile

swisscoin wallet 6

7. Now go back to your Swisscoin account dashboard and navigate thus; Basic Data>>> My Data>>> Edit Account. Scroll down to the box below the area labelled SIC Address. Paste your copied wallet address here.

swisscoin wallet 7

You have successfully created your swisscoin wallet address in readiness for public trading in August. Note that your coins will not be transferred to your wallet if you haven’t completed your KYC. Endeavour to do your KYC quickly.

For details on how to submit your documents for KYC verification, read this post

If you are yet to join swisscoin, do so now before it goes public. You might never have the opportunity to acquire the coin at this very low rate. Click the button below to register with Swisscoin

Join Swisscoin

Also see answers to Swisscoin frequently asked questions to get a summary of what the project is all about.

If you encounter any issue while trying to create your swisscoin wallet address, do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I will appreciate you share this post on Facebook and Twitter, and even stumble it on StumbleUpon.

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