How I Got My Nigerian Google AdSense Application Approved Within Two Months

The aim of every blogger is to generate income from blogging. There are a couple of ways to this, of which Pay Per Click Advertising appears to be one of them. Among all the Pay Per Click Advertising Networks available online, Google AdSense seems to be the most popular of them all.

However, Joining the Google AdSense program appears to be daunting to most newbie bloggers from Nigeria because many of such newbies fail to understand correctly and adhere to the strict guidelines of the program. I was able to get my Google AdSense account approved within two months as a Nigerian.

I started out blogging by September 2014 and joined the Google AdSense program by November 2014. I didn’t achieve that as a result of some luck or magic, NO. I embarked on a serious research and was able to dig out the secrets of getting an AdSense account application approved quickly.

Looking at Google’s guideline, a website should be at least six months old before it can qualify for AdSense. I do not pay much attention to that. As long as you can meet up with the other requirements, your application will be approved.

Google AdSense account approved within two months.

Below are some common questions you may have concerning Google AdSense:

Should I apply for Google AdSense right now?

Does my blog qualify for Google AdSense?

What are Google AdSense requirements?

Am I eligible to apply for Google AdSense?

How do I apply for Google AdSense?

Why did Google reject my AdSense application?

What am I supposed to do if Google AdSense rejects my application?

After going through my experience with AdSense, I believe you’ll have answers to the above questions.

In as much as I would love to reveal the secrets of getting an AdSense application approved quickly, I would also like to let you know that integrating ads on your blog too fast could be dangerous. As a blogger, satisfying your audience should be your paramount priority, you should have that in mind if ever you wish to own a successful blog.

It annoys me when I visit a blog and discover the layout littered with ads. A blogger approached me on Facebook early this year, seeking for advice on how to grow his blog. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I visited his blog. His contents were almost irrelevant.

Poorly written articles surrounded with annoying banners and pop-ups. When I asked how much he earns from all those stuff, I got an amusing reply; He was only making a few cents monthly. Now tell me; what is the essence of integrating those ads? Getting those ads on his baby blog brought him so much damage. His visitors will leave without returning.

He was supposed to focus more on providing useful and valuable contents rather than being so enthusiastic about making quick money.

Furthermore, having too many ads on your blog scares away advertisers. When your sidebar bears so many banners then there will be no room for potential advertisers, it is possible that his or her ads won’t get noticed in the midst of so many ads block. Most advertisers, seeing that you already have too many ads on your blog will simply walk away in search of a blog with enough ads space.

Now don’t get me wrong; I am not trying to say that having ads on your blog is not a cool idea, rather, I wish to warn you of the dangers such ads pose to your blog if not handled properly. Focus more on your readers’ satisfaction and believe me, when those ads are finally placed, you will make the most out of it.

That said, I will now be explaining how I got my AdSense account approved within two months.

How I Got My Google AdSense Account Approved Within Two Months

Before submitting my application and getting approved on Google AdSense, I took some measures to ensure that my site qualifies for AdSense. Below are the modifications I made:

I Created Quality Contents of 1000+ Word

I strictly believe that content is king, it supersedes every other factor that may be mention in this post. Come to think of it; why do people visit your blog? People visit your blog because they seek information, and if you cannot provide them with such information, then you are only telling them to go away.

After realizing the value of quality contents, I started out writing contents that are useful to my readers. Although they weren’t 100%  perfect, I applied every strategy I could think of to make sure that my contents were rich. One of such strategy is the idea of ensuring that all articles were 1000 words and above. Hey! I am not saying that writing a 1000+ words article is a ”must-do”, you shouldn’t go about crafting 1000+ words articles that are irrelevant to your readers. Let’s take a tech blog as a case study here. You may wish to write a guide on how one can solve a simple fault. The process of solving the particular problem may be a short one. I wouldn’t advise you to start telling lots of useless stories to your readers, biting around the bush simply because you wish for your article to attain the length of 1000 words, NO, that’s silly. The point is for you to give as much detail as possible so that your readers can understand the information you are trying to transmit. The more detail you provide, the better user experience you create for your site users.

From my experience, high traffic is not necessarily needed to get approved on AdSense. My blog have a total of 1500 page views when I got approved on Google. On the day I received a congratulatory message from AdSense, all I had was just 45 page views. So you see? you should go about looking for cheap traffic just to qualify for AdSense. Focus on producing quality contents and your application will be approved.

It is advisable that you have a minimum of 10 quality posts on your blog during the period  of application.

Delivering valuable contents to your readers will not only get them coming back but will compel them to commend your effort through comments.

Whenever I finish explaining my points in an article, I introduce a call to action, asking readers to share opinions or ask questions via comment. Useful comments add more value to your post, Google loves and cherishes their users. So If AdSense, while reviewing your blog discovers that you are getting a good number of comments from your readers, they will be forced to believe that your readers are deriving satisfaction from your posts. AdSense will have no reason to reject your application.

You can join some blogging communities out there to share your posts and get comments to your blog. As a way of building a relationship, you can also comment on other blogs in your niche. Remember to drop thoughtful comments. When you can leave compelling comments on other blogs, no doubt, you are sure to get more of such comments on your blog as well. I applied this powerful strategy to my blog, and the result was overwhelming.

Below are links to some blogging communities I use for blog promotion:





I Got Myself a Custom Domain Name

Another significant modification I did to my blog was the idea of a top-level domain name. I started my blog on the free Blogger platform, using the sub-domain that was provided by blogger. Within the first three days of my blogging journey, I was able to register a custom domain name for my blog. I ensured that all my articles were indexed on the new custom domain. After fixing your top level domain name, I strictly advise that you wait for your site to be crawled by Google crawlers before applying for AdSense.

Why did I go for a custom domain name rather than the free sub-domain provided by blogger? I needed to make my blog appear professional, and I think you should do same as well. Registering a domain isn’t that expensive. You can easily get one on GoDaddy

Many are of the opinion that getting a self-hosted blog is necessary. I totally agree with that as well. You will enjoy so many benefits when your blog is self-hosted, probably on WordPress. However, in the case of AdSense, embracing this idea isn’t compulsory. Like I said earlier, I got my AdSense account approved on Blogger platform, and I have helped many newbie bloggers do the same. What matters most is your content and how you treat your visitors.

You can’t load your blog with lots of poorly written articles and expect AdSense to get your application approved simply because your site is self-hosted, that is nonsense. It is possible for AdSense to accept applications from free hosted sites that are rich in content, and then turn down applications from self-hosted sites that do not deliver useful contents to readers

I created About, Contact, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer Pages

Creating the above-listed pages is imperative, not just for AdSense approval alone, but to your entire blogging career. Having your visitors at heart is something you should always remember. Now you do not want to be labelled a ghost blogger. Many bloggers are of the idea of blogging anonymously, and that is very wrong. As a customer, I cannot buy a product from a marketer I cannot easily communicate with.

Creating the above pages make you appear professional to both Google AdSense and your readers as well.

I made the above-listed pages available on my blog. An about page for visitors to know me and what I do on my blog, a contact page for easy communication with me, a privacy policy to explain how I gather and utilize users information, and a disclaimer for agreement so as to prevent unreasonable harm or damage.

I Opted for a Responsive Theme with Nice Design

Nobody likes a blog that is poorly designed. A site with a bad design will give a bad user experience. I went for a simple but professional template with a good load time. Everyone loves a fast loading blog. Nobody wants to waste the whole day waiting for an article to load up on a blog. I ensured my blog was easy to navigate, with the menus correctly placed for easy location. I also avoided useless items on my header, sidebar, and footer.

Your blog represents your professionalism and expertise. The design is the first thing a visitor notice upon landing on your blog. You wouldn’t want to create a bad first impression for your visitors. So be mindful of the kind of templates and themes you choose.

It is advisable to go for a premium theme or template because they do not contain malicious links as the case with most free themes and templates. You can check out Themeforest for some cool premium themes.

When I started out blogging, I couldn’t afford a premium template immediately. I began with a nice looking free template, and I got my AdSense account approved using that same template. However, I wouldn’t advise you do the same; I wished to use a premium template then, but I wasn’t very fortunate to afford it. If you are financially buoyant enough, then grab a premium theme or template as the case may be. If you cannot afford a premium theme, then look for a nice looking fast loading free theme and get it installed on your blog.

I Removed From My Blog; Ads From Every Other Ads Network

I do not understand why this is always the case, but I have come to realize that AdSense rejects applications from blogs containing ads of other advertising networks. Before I applied for AdSense, I had Infolinks ads on my blog. Getting approved on Infolinks isn’t as tough as that of AdSense. Within my first few weeks of blogging, I joined Infolinks publishers program. Still having the Infolinks ads on my blog, I applied for AdSense, and my application got rejected. I wasn’t happy with the reply I got from AdSense, within me, I believed to have fulfilled all the necessary requirements to qualify for AdSense, and so why then was my application turned down?

Then I embarked on research. Research is vital in whatever we do. While researching, I landed on an AdSense discussion thread in a certain forum; I’ve forgotten the particular forum that was. While reading through the experience of participants in that very thread, I saw something that caught my attention. I saw a user who had a similar AdSense experience with me. According to him, after his application was turned down, he went back to his blog and removed the Chitika ads that were installed and then reapply for AdSense. This time, he got approved.

Seeing this made my hopes grew high. I revisited my blog, removed every Infolinks ad on it, waited for a week and then reapplied for AdSense. Boom! My application was approved!

For some time, I wondered why AdSense aren’t comfortable with site owners having other ads on their blogs during the period of AdSense application. I couldn’t figure out an answer and I didn’t bother much about that. Besides, all I needed then was getting approved, and that purpose was already achieved.

Yeah! That is my experience with AdSense while trying to get my application approved. I believe you too can get your application approved after making the above modifications. Go back to your blog and carry out the necessary changes.

Done with the modifications? Now head straight to AdSense website and apply HERE

What am I supposed to do If Google Rejects My Application?

But wait! What if Google rejects your application even after trying all I did?

Well, don’t be discouraged. Sit back and go through your blog again. Google will not reject AdSense applications without a reason. If you are very sure that you did all I have done, and yet you weren’t approved, then embark on a more serious research. Like I said earlier, I didn’t get approved on my first application. I was confident enough when I applied because enough research has already been done. I have researched and believed to have uncovered the secrets of getting an AdSense application approved, yet I was rejected. So what did I do? I kept studying until I got an answer. You can do so as well.

Alternatively, you can try out some other ads network. There is some other good ads network that pays well out there. You can try out Infolinks and Media.Net

In a nutshell, getting an AdSense account approved isn’t hard as newbies are meant to believe. All you need to do is follow the guidelines, be patient enough, do ample research and you will get your application approved. Once your application is accepted, remember not to distract your readers with lots of banners in a bid to make quick money. You will only be doing your blog more harm than good.

Let me know what you think via the comment section. Has your application been approved already? Did you follow a similar strategy with me or you did something different? Feel free to share your AdSense experience via the comment box below.

Kindly share this post on your social media profile using the share buttons below and do well to subscribe to my blog to receive more updates straight to your email.

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Anthony - June 14, 2016

Nicely written

Isaiah Joseph - June 14, 2016

Hello Chinedu,

Great writing up here. You seems to have the flair for writing and i totally enjoyed it. About creating an adsense approved account? you totally covered every requirements needed.

What seems to bother me, is that you didn’t add your affiliates links, like the themeforest, recommended hosting, etc. This will help increase your revenue.

    Chinedu Ngwu - June 14, 2016

    Hi Isaiah,

    Thanks for the compliment. I currently don’t manage an affiliate account with any of those sites mentioned here. Perhaps I’ll have to sign up with such companies and include my affiliate links just as you have instructed.

    Thanks for tip, I’m grateful

Johnnie Ode - June 14, 2016

Nice written sir…
We all believe adsense account is difficult in getting approval until it actually gets approved.

    Chinedu Ngwu - June 14, 2016

    Yes you are right, Getting your site to qualify for AdSense almost seems like impossible, but believe me its not. As long as you do what is required of you, your application will be accepted.
    Thanks for commenting

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Nice write-up boss. This gave me more boost in advancing with my blog.

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This is one of the greatest article that got my full attention, because I saw it not just interesting but really helpful. Thanks for you guide on how to get adsense account. It’s really straightforward.

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Please check my blog… am I set to apply?

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How can i create a,privacy policy,About,disclaimer,Contact page?


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