How Blogging Would Have Looked Like Without The Social Media

No doubt, blogging is actually a nice profession. It can be very beneficially when practised properly. To me; the effects of blogging is worth more than money alone, it goes a long way in changing entirely the behaviour of a person. It is an effective medium of socializing with like-minded people around the globe, it improves the writing skills and reading culture of a person.

The basic aim of every blogger is traffic – to reach out to the public and notify them about His/Her product or service. After this is achieved one can now think of the secondary objective of most bloggers, and that is the issue of making money out of it, right?

Over the years, there have been different strategies of attracting visitors to a blog. The Search Engines are there, we have the Forums and then the Social Media isn’t left out; Infact this currently seems to be one of the most effective methods of bringing a load of readers to your blog, especially when you have got lots of friends and followers. The Social Media has played, and is still playing a big role in promoting the contents of a blog.
It is so true, beyond reasonable doubt, that every pro-blogger; or may be I should say every successful blogger, has an account with one Social Media site or the other. They have a large number of friends and followers as well. This has also helped them in growing their number of blog readers. The same goes to every other blogger whether new or old – we all use the Social Media to our advantage, to achieve our basic objective ‘Traffic’.



How Social Media Contributes to The Success of a Blogger

Most bloggers; if not every blogger, know about the benefits of Social Media to a blog. Social Media contributes immensely to the the career of a blogger. Below are some of the ways through which Social Media can put a smile on the face of a blogger:

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A wide range of audience can be reached via the activities of Social Media. After writing, publishing and then sharing your unique content on Social Media, there is always a positive effect. Your friends and followers head straight to your blog to read your contents, to see what you have to offer. It may surprise you to learn that 80% of the traffic of many bloggers come directly from social media.
The more friends and followers you continue to meet on Social Media, the more audience you attract to your blog. In other words; Social Media helps a blogger to draw new blog visitors and manage existing ones as well

Relationship Building

Looking at Facebook as a case study, there are lots of groups that are being set up for different purposes. Some are for different religious organisations, education, entertainment, etc. Just like some of the above mentioned; blogging communities are being established as well. In such blogging communities, bloggers can meet and interact with each other, learning from the experiences and ideas of each other, visiting and dropping useful comments on the blogs of each other, and lots more.
In a nutshell, Social Media builds a cordial relationship among bloggers.

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The Social Media attracts a great amount of people, 70% of the world all have an account with either Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Stumble Upon or any other Social Media site not mentioned here. Marketing a product or service on Social Media is like telling the world about your particular product or service. Imagine having 1000 friends or followers on ten different Social Networks, you are actually showcasing your product or service to 10,000 people, isn’t that great? If you are able to create a product that will serve the needs of such audience, there is a possibility of getting such product sold to 80% of your audience and making some bucks.

Marketing on social media doesn’t just end at advertising to your friends and followers alone, you can go beyond that range and even get to people who may not be part of your friends or followers. Lets take Facebook as a case study. Facebook offers paid advertising program that allows you market your product to targeted audience by just spending some dollars. I have been using Facebook advertising program on my news based blog and I must confess that the result have been overwhelming. What I enjoy most about Facebook ads is that one is allowed to target a particular group of customers within a specific location, interest and even age bracket. You should probably check out Facebook ads program and start using it for your online business promotion

With all the points explained above, it is an  inarguable fact that the social media is one of the best marketing arena for bloggers and online marketers.

Site Improvement

Wondering how Social Media can help you improve your site offerings? Sure it can! And it has been helping a lot of bloggers.

When you share an update on your Social Media account, definitely you must receive feed backs from your friends and followers. It is these information that allows you understand how customers are actually reacting to your product. If you are a Tech Blogger and you share on your Social Media account, an article in which you recommended a particular gadget to the public; you friends and followers are always ready to drop comments about that particular post. If the product is good, you continue winning the hearts of your clients, and if the product happens to be bad, you may be blasted. When you share an update and get blasted, you will be compelled to work harder in order to make improvements.
The Social Media helps improve the offerings of a site.

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Bloggers owe these benefits to Social Media [though some of these can be gotten else where] and then here comes the big question:

What Would Blogging Have Been Like Without The Social Media?

I have been pondering over this for sometime and now i have decided to share it with you. What do you actually think would have been the state of most, or all bloggers if there were no Social Media? Would it have been this interesting or otherwise? Do you think there would have been other sure strategies of driving traffic to a blog?

Lets have the rest of the conversation via the comment section.
You may have a thing or two to add to this, feel free to share your ideas as well.

Share this post with your friends and followers on your Social Media accounts, i will really appreciate.

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Chinedu Ngwu

I am Chinedu; the brain behind this blog. On this blog I share tips on how you can start profitable online businesses. My tips are based on my research as well as proven and tested online money making strategies that work for me.


  • Hi Joseph,

    I wonder too! 🙂

    Honestly speaking, besides writing quality content that helps my readers, and building relationships with fellow bloggers, the other thing that's always worked for me is social media.

    As bloggers, we do need to have a strong social media presence so that we are able to connect with a lot many people – more the better for you and your blog, thus your business too. You are right – you do build some wonderful relationships that turn into good friendships over time. In the 3 year period that I've been blogging, I've really made some wonderful online friends and those are much more as compared to the offline ones I have.

    Yes, your site improves because those fans and friends would visit your blog and this would be good for your work and business, if you have any.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

  • Hi Joseph

    First, let me say that you have raised a very important topic. Social media integrated with blogging does make it easy to get traffic and feedback from fans and loved ones and I agree with all the benefits of Social media with respect to blogging.

    Now what will Blogging be without Social Media. Blogging began before Social media came into the picture, What Social media did do to blogging is expand reach and audience. However if innovative approaches like had come before Social media, it would be a different story.

  • Hi Joesph,

    Social media is the main part of blogging. Like you have mentioned that the main motive of bloggers is to get more traffic and social media is very helpful in it.
    You can build your audience through social media. Making connections is important which can be done through social networking platforms.
    You have written a great post.:)

    Thanks for sharing with us.

    Hope you are enjoying your day.:)


  • Hello Madam Harleena,

    Yes i agree you with you. A blogge needs to have a strong Social Media presence because it is one of the most effective source of traffic.

    I have never gotten a single page view from search engines due to the fact that i’m not very good in SEO. All my traffic comes from the Social Media and blogging communities as well.
    I believe this is thesame with many others too. The Social Media has really expanded the blogosphere and without it, blogging would have been something else.

    Thanks for leaving a comment on this one

  • Hello Ravi,

    Blogging in isolation is one problem that may attract failure towards the career of a blogger. As a blogger, strong relationships needs to be built with other online personalities and visitors as well. This can only be achieved through Social Media.

    The Social Media currently seems to be the biggest source of traffic to most bloggers. In the absence of Social Media, blogging would have been a little bit difficult. But thank God for the presence of Social Media, it has really done a lot. We should also strive to have a strong Social Media presence.

    Thanks for leaving a comment here

  • Hello Sir Ikechi,

    Yes, if platforms like BroadedNet were in existence before the Social Media, it would have become a different story all together. Well, i always classify BroadedNet and the blogging communities under Social Media because they are a kind of similar. If platforms like these weren’t in existence, then we will all depend on the Search Engines. This would be very daunting as many do not have experience of SEO.

    Thanks for sharing your idea on this, enjoy the rest of the day

  • HI Ngwu,

    So do you prefer to go by Ngwu or Joseph since I see most of your commenters using that name instead. I'll go with whatever works best for you.

    Blogging is also considered social media so I think it's pretty safe to say that without it we would just be in trouble wouldn't we! With the different platforms out there to help us connect with other bloggers, social media is what helps us get in front of more people.

    Even commenting on other blogs is a part of social media too which of course is my favorite way. I just think that it helps us actually have more conversations in the comment section which is where I think learning about each other comes into play. Of course if you're following someone in particular on social media and they've put enough information in their profiles then we can learn about them there as well.

    I think blogging would be much more difficult without all the other social media platforms that's for sure. No way for people to share our awesome content so that it can get in front of even more people. Just so glad we don't ever have to worry about them disappearing right!

    Great share Ngwu and thanks for coming up with such a topic. Hope you're doing okay this week and have a good one.


  • Hi Joseph,

    Probably the social media is a great source of traffic to every blogger, I can even say most new blogger if not all, take huge advantage of the social media for the start before they start thinking of SEO and other traffic sources. Building a reputable social presence can take your blog to the next level, Yes! It can. Bur my say here; without social media, every of us would have found alternatives, probably forums, blogging communities or any other means to drive traffic to our blog.

    I suck a heck of traffic from facebook which I know, but come to think of it, facebook isn't in the list of my top 5 traffic source. Strange huh! 😮 thats why I still believe one can blog successfully without the social media.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Do have a wonderful day ahead.

  • Hello Madam Adrienne,

    Welcome to my blog, and you can call address me with any of the names, they are all my names.

    Without the Social Media, blogging would have been something different. Search engines would have been the only means of attracting traffic, hence, only the non SEO experts would have found it difficult to reach a reasonable number of audience.

    Thanks for taking your time to leave a comment here.

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