How I Made $5,551 on Swisscoin in One Day

Some months ago I wrote about Swisscoin, a brand new cryptocurrency based in Switzerland. Few months after the launch of this digital currency, a lot of people have already been enjoying the benefits that come with this business.

Just like I stated in that article about swisscoin, apart from making money from the swisscoin investment opportunity, you can also earn huge income when you embrace the business as a career. Swisscoin offers an awesome compensation plan.

Members are already making thousands of dollars from this business, and I am one of such members. On the 3rd of November, 2016, I made a whopping €5,222; that is about $5,551 calculating from today’s exchange rate.

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How I Received $5,529 on Swisscoin in Just One Day!

With swisscoin’s network marketing system, members are awarded bonuses when purchases are made on their team. As at November 3rd when I received this huge commission, I had a team of 2671 members.

Right now my team is made up of 3140 members. That is an additional 469 members within 20 days. Every day my team keeps increasing because more people continue to join the business on a daily business.


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Swisscoin career levels range from Jade to Double Black Diamond. Bonuses are awarded for every rank attained. I got to the rank of Blue Diamond, and I was awarded €5000 ($5, 294) as a rank bonus. The additional €222 was my commission for purchases made on that very day

For you to qualify for the blue diamond rank on Swisscoin, your team must have accumulated up to 250,000 BVs (Business Volume). Within four months, my team generated a BV of over 257,000. That is about  €321,250 (€1=0.8BV).

How you too can make such money on Swisscoin?

It’s simple! 🙂

Join Swisscoin today, educate yourself very well on how the business works, tell people about the business and its benefits, get them to invest, and you will be awarded commissions from their purchases.

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Note that the €5000 I made doesn’t include my daily commissions since I joined this business. Apart from the €5000 awarded to me as the rank bonus for a blue diamond, I made a total of €3850 from the previous career levels I passed through before getting to this point.

€100 as a Pearl, €250 as a Sapphire, €500 as a Ruby, €1000 as an Emerald and €2000 as a Diamond. I joined Swisscoin around 17 June 2016, and since then, I’ve been able to generate a total income of about €15000.

I think you should consider joining this business and start banking some bonuses as well. I receive commissions daily. I just made  €130 today 🙂


For every commission received on swisscoin, 40% is automatically set aside for reinvestment while the 60% is made available for withdrawal. The 40% is used for buying more educational packages that will generate tokens that are used to mine the coins.

You do not buy coins directly from Swisscoin. Members purchase educational packages and receives tokens. Those tokens are now used to mine the coins.

Swisscoin is still at its early stage, estimated value of the coin by 2020 is over €10. Do not wait for the value to be so high before you invest. Invest right now when the value is still very low and sell in future when the value becomes high.

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Do let me know what you think via the comment section. If you are already a member of swisscoin, you can share your experience with me as well

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