Nosagie Ero Nosa Shares His Blogging Experience

Not very long ago, I was opportune to hold a chat with Larry Frank who shared his blogging experience with us. Today I have another guest in the house, and guess what? He is one of Nigeria’s biggest tech bloggers.
He is Nosagie Ero Nosa of In this interview, Nosa was able to share his blogging experience, he gave an insight of how he overcame all the hurdles he encountered while climbing the success ladder, and less I forget; He also revealed some tips that will help a lot of bloggers out there, especially the newbies. Now I will suggest you seat back, get a glass of wine or juice if available, and enjoy the details of this educative and motivational interview.

Nosagie Ero Nosa Shares his Blogging Experience

Chinedu:  Hello Nosa, I’m happy to have you here for this brief conversation. Welcome to my blog.

Nosa: Thank you so much Chinedu, it’s a great feeling to be here.

Chinedu:  You are indeed a well-known figure; especially in Nigeria. However some persons reading this chat may never have heard about you. Would you mind introducing yourself to all?

Nosa: My name is Nosagie Nosa Ero (aka Nosa). I am a fervid blogger and a geek. I am a person who is fundamentally honest; I am interested in finding the twin flame of my heart’s burning desire. I won’t settle for less than that, really. Why would I? Even if it takes lots of patience, I’m willing to wait.

Chinedu:  When did you venture into blogging and what prompted you to take such action?

Nosa: Thanks Chinedu, I started blogging in 2007, but I was generally unsuccessful until 2013. All through those years, it was very much frustrating. I always wanted to do things differently, I craved for excellence but I never achieved anything. I have a philosophy which has guided me up to now, and that is to “live in excellence or die in mediocrity.” I chose life; hence I had to keep working hard. My blogging journey started after becoming a reader of The editor-in-chief, Ben Duka, quickly became a role model; I eventually decided to be like him. So I created my gaming blog, which was my first blog ever, it was largely successful and quickly become the second biggest gaming blog in Africa. Although, I never earned a dime, until it suffered a devastating hack that made it disappear from the internet. I was completely inexperienced then, and couldn’t get access to any backup.

Chinedu:  Getting your blog out of the internet can be so frustrating. However, I’m glad you are back on track.
So what is your current blog all about? What kind of product/service do you sell/render, and what niche is your blog centered on?

Nosa: TechRez is a core technology blog; it is designed to be at the fore-front of technology in Nigeria – a nation that has been corroded by entertainment. I am motivated by the early results, and I think the future is bright. We want to push start-ups and put technology and entrepreneurship in the DNA of our youth. Sadly, we can’t do that alone…

Chinedu:  The name of your blog ”Techrez”; how come about it? I believe you have a reason for using that. What is your reason for choosing such a name?

Nosa: TechRez is the short form of Technology Re(z)urrected. It basically compliments what I said earlier; to resurrect technology in Nigeria and Africa.

Chinedu:  Aside Techrez, do you have other blog(s)?

Nosa: Yes I do, I have a personal blog, you can find it on and I am currently working on another project, which should be bigger than TechRez. I am optimistic we could change the mediocrity celebrated in a niche I had abandoned few years ago.

Chinedu:  No doubt, your blog posts attracts a large number of audience. Would you mind discussing your monthly traffic stats?

Nosa: I wouldn’t call my audience large, but then again, if you measure it up against the low love of technology in Nigeria. I think it pretty decent. Our monthly stats, averages at between 120k – 150k visits. In April this year, we celebrated our first ever one million page views milestone.

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Chinedu:  The contents of your blog are very awesome. How do you manage to come up with such great posts? What are your main sources or means of getting latest tech updates?

Nosa: Thanks for the compliments Chinedu, I do my best to follow the trend globally with recent emphasis on local contents. I get news from anywhere, so there are no really specific places, it could be on Facebook, press release from companies, data, Twitter and on few occasion, people submit a tip or news to us, then I verify the facts and make a news out of it.

Chinedu:  Tell us the measures you took to attain to this level of success

Nosa: I measure myself against the goals I set. Success can’t be measured in reality, it is an ongoing process. I set different benchmarks and parameters in achieving a goal without losing enthusiasm and hope. I set very high standards, and push myself to the very extreme into achieving my goals. For example, I am using one of the best hosting services and equally using one of the best web frameworks in the world. All of these are deliberate and conscious efforts to becoming the best that I can be.

Chinedu:  Could you please give us an insight about your struggles in the blogosphere? How did you overcome the challenges you encountered?

Nosa: Basically, I have struggled in all aspects of blogging. Ranging from content creation to design, security, hosting, revenue, funding and improving my writing skills. My biggest struggle was dealing with a DCMA against Mitch Bartlett. I had a flourishing blog with international presence, until I got hit by DCMA, where all my popular posts were un-published and de- indexed by Google. How the guy was able to single out all my popular posts still beclouds my imagination. That facilitated my migration to WordPress, even before the case was decided. Although, I won but the damage was done already. I didn’t get top spot ranking for those keywords anymore. Subsequently, we narrowed our scope and decided to rebrand ThatNaijaBlog to TechRez.

Chinedu:  What was your greatest challenge all through the moments of your blogging career?

Nosa: My greatest challenge is becoming an authority blogger. Great people don’t become great by a sudden flight; it takes patience and determination over a course to become great. I feel that time will come, soon enough.

Chinedu:  Every blogger holds on to various principles. What do you think are the do’s and don’ts for every blogger?

Nosa: A blogger should know why he has decided to become a blogger. A blogger has to research his niche and become a master of it. He should verify facts before hitting the publish button. One of the few things to avoid is black-hat SEO, and most importantly plagiarism.

Chinedu:  Mention some bloggers whom you admire and look up to in the blogosphere, and tell us how each had contributed to your life as a blogger.

Nosa: If I am to do this I am very sure, this interview section won’t end. There are so many bloggers who have imparted my blogging journey, unaware to them.

Chinedu: What is your secret for generating traffic and achieving success as well?

Nosa: There is no secrete really, if you write quality articles, it would always attract traffic. However, one has to follow the trend and not rely entirely on SEO. Basically, I submit some of my articles to forums like Nairaland and make effective use of Facebook ads. The emphasis remains on quality content, the reason of this is because, you can drive instant traffic to an article, but if it’s not worth reader’s time. They won’t return. The goal is to retain your visitors.

Chinedu: When did you earn your first pay from blogging?

Nosa: My first earning was in 2013. 🙂

Chinedu:  Sounds unbelievable, it actually took you over six years to earn your first pay? Well, with this most newbies will understand the fact that blogging is never a Get-Rich-Quick scheme.

How much do you earn monthly from your blog?

Nosa: After the Linda Ikeji saga, it has become increasing difficult to reveal such. I am not used to doing that as well, but we earn a decent amount, at least, enough to pay our bills.

Chinedu:  What are the top blogging tools you use to improve your site offerings and check your blog performance as well?

Nosa: I basically use Google webmaster tool and Statscounter

Chinedu:  Do you work from home?

Nosa: Yes I do.

Chinedu:  You are a Nigerian blogger, what do you have to say about the Nigerian bloggers of today, and what kind of bloggers do you think Nigeria is going to produce in the future?

Nosa: We have an ecosystem of incredible bloggers and it amazes me how far we have come within a span of 10-years. I believe we just have to keep working hard; we should feed our blogs, so it has the capacity to feed us in future. Nigerian bloggers are very intelligent; with the necessary support from government and companies, we can have enormous number of celebrated bloggers in Nigeria, like we have in India.

Chinedu:  Nice to learn that you have such faith in your country in terms of blogging.
Aside blogging, what other jobs do you do? If any; would you mind telling us about it?

Nosa: I bless people. If you know what I mean. hoho….But there are plans to become a farmer, in the nearest future.

Chinedu:  Lol…I really do not understand what you mean by ‘blessing people’, but I won’t push further on that. Perhaps my readers may understand better. About the farming issue; I think that’s actually a nice decision.

How do you monetize your blog?

Nosa: I do that with Adsense, Infolinks and affiliate network with Konga and Amazon.

Chinedu:  Which do you think is the most effective strategy of driving traffic to a blog; Search Engines, Social Media, Blogging Communities, Forums, etc. Please give reasons for your answer.

Nosa: If you asked me this question 6-month ago, I probably would have said Search Engines. However, I see an enormous power in Social Media, because it takes minimal effort to reach a targeted audience.

Chinedu:  What has been your source of inspiration all through the years? If you have got a mentor, can you please discuss your experience with Him or Her?

Nosa: My mentor is Ben Duka of I sent him a message, showing my admiration for his excellent work and equally told him about my plans. I never expected a reply, since he was a white dude, writing for an authority blog with an Alexa rank of 17k in 2007 and direct access to Sony, whose gaming division it covers. I got a mail from him the next day and that’s what made me who I am today. If he had not encouraged me, I’m not sure I would be the recipient of this interview.

Chinedu:  Wow! Mr Ben Duka must have impacted immensely in your life as a blogger, I will love to have a chat with him someday.

So being an experienced webmaster who has been on the field for a couple of years, what do you have to say about this site? What changes do you think should be made to improve the performance and offerings of this site?

Nosa: Your site is looking fantastic already, the layout isn’t off-putting and I can see a good number of high quality articles. I think working on your Social Media presence wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Chinedu:  Thanks for the compliment, I’m glad you could let me learn of a way to add value to my site. We will surely work on that.

What do you have to say to young bloggers and all those reading this chat?

Nosa: Bloggers fail because of wrong mentorship, find a mentor and ask the right kind of questions. Form a formidable relationship with bloggers who see the blogging ecosystem with their mind and not their eyes. Always aspire for excellence, develop a habit of doing things unsuccessful bloggers don’t like doing, and above all, trust God 🙂

Chinedu:  Thanks a lot for honouring our invitation, it was nice having you here. In one way or the other, you have impacted in the lives of my readers. Thanks once again for coming and do have a wonderful day ahead.

Nosa: Thank you so much, it was such a great time here. See you at the top and enjoy the rest of the day.

I believe you enjoyed this informative conversation with one of Nigeria’s biggest Tech Blogger. Indeed a lot of lessons can be tapped from this chat. As for me; I learnt a great deal; one quality of Nosa i admire most was his level of perseverance. From what he just revealed; it is so clear that he blogged for over five years without earning any revenue from his blog. In spite of this, he kept working hard and never gave up. Every other person in such a situation currently, should do likewise.

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  • Hi Joseph,
    It's nice to have Nosa here on your blog, this is indeed a wonderful and illuminate interview with Nosa of TechRez.
    Surely every one must grab a thing or two from such an awesome interview. I've known Nosa for some time now and I'll say he's quite a tremendous person, also an anti-mediocrity if I must say hehehe. By the way, I never knew Nosa had a game blog which got lost, thats shoking.
    All the same, wonderful interview here.

  • Nice interview, I love the part where he said you need the right mentor when starting, although I didn't have mentor when I started but I still think it's important, nobody is an Island we all need to widen out.

  • Hi Joseph and Nosa

    What a wonderful piece of advice you have given in this post. This is the gist of the whole post. Many newbie bloggers pick a crowd as their mentor and jump into every blog post, tutorial and ebook to learn bloggig. Eventually they create a mess and ridiculously point finger at blogging as if it is not good way to make a big success.

    One needs to first review what is happening around and who is doing great practically and who is just claiming to have big success with lot of pomp and show. Then he can get the best mentor to learn blogging properly.

    Thanks a lot Joseph for interviewing this wonderful guy and making him share his wonderful blogging experiences with your awesome blog community. Cheers

  • Nosa is my boss and anytime I come across him anywhere, there is nothing I can do than to salute and choose my words carefully before I'm fired! Hahaha!
    This is Emmanuel with

  • You know this is the only place we have a problem.. When my boss calls me a boss,.. I never knew I could fire my boss!!! Hahaha!

    Thanks for taking out time to be here buddy. Enjoy the rest of the day.. 🙂

  • Everyone needs a mentor, even our mentors are being mentored by someone else.. So it's a chain, but it takes humility to have a mentor and also wisdom to know that a mentor is different from a friend.

    Most people lose it when they mistake their mentor as a friend. Even when your friend becomes your mentor, he cease being a friend but a mentor. A friend will pat you at the back, but a mentor can kick you, just to ensure you get things right…

    Thanks for dropping by.. Do have a great day.

  • Hi Chima,

    Just as Nosa has said, everyone needs a mentor to succeed in the blogosphere. We may not directly have mentors, but there are successful persons whom we learn from their experiences, hence, we are indirectly under their mentor ship.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  • Hello Sir Muba,

    I solidly agree with you on this. Learning from so many mentors can be a bit disastrous as one would be confuse on which steps to follow.

    I appreciate your stopping by to leave a comment, do have a wonderful time!

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