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Following the evolution of bitcoin in 2009, lots of other altcoins emerged in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Among these coins, ethereum seems to be the greatest after bitcoin with a value of over $250(according to as at the time of publishing this post. The value of cryptocurrency increases because it is based on demand and supply. The higher the demand for the coin, the higher the value of the coin in question.

Few years back the value of ethereum wasn’t this high, then it was easier to acquire a large number of ethereum coins. Today the value of ethereum is over $250 making it almost impossible for most people to purchase it.

Recently, I came across a programme that allows you accumulate a  good amount of ethereum with just $90 and a bit of work. It is a system that lets you gather ethereum simply by inviting your friends and families to join the network. The programme is tagged “Project Ethereum

It is not Ponzi or any sought of the shitty programmes you find on the internet. It is an MLM programme that uses the matrix system to reward members of the programme.

Project ethereum uses a 2 X 8 forced matrix structure. This means new members are placed in the order they come in from top to bottom and from left to right.  The FASTER you secure your spot, the higher you go and the greater the income potential you will have EARLY in the team build.

Like I said earlier, the value of ethereum is around $320 and could rise close to $1000 in 2018 – only time will tell. Since we can see this growth in this coin, don’t you think it will be excellent to acquire as many ethereums as possible?

For me, it will be super awesome!

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About Project Ethereum

Project ethereum is headed by Johnson John, a sales and marketing personnel with much experience in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The programme seems to have a partnership with Choice Humanitarian, a non-profit organization devoted to the development of disadvantaged rural village people all around the world through the establishment of programs for better health and education.

Project ethereum

The company revealed that a portion of the donation made by members would be used for charity, and also promised to introduce a crypto university where members will be given adequate lectures on cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology.

Informational ebooks and other training materials will be dispatched to members who join the programme and upgrade their membership with $90 worth of ethereum

Watch Project Ethereum Corporate video below:

How Project Ethereum Works

Project ethereum runs on a 2 X 8 matrix system. To get started, you will have to sign up with $90 and and invite as many persons as possible. The higher the number of individuals in your network, the higher the level of your income with the system.

Below is a complete picture of what you earn at various stages:

Stage 1 – You pay $90.00 worth of ethereum to the person directly above you and receive $90.00 worth of ethereum from two members ($180.00 total).

Stage 2 – You pay $180.00 worth of ethereum to the person two levels above you and receive $180.00 worth of ethereum from four members ($720.00 total).

Stage 3 – You pay $360.00 worth of ethereum to the person three levels above you and receive $360.00 worth of ethereum from eight members ($2,880.00 total).

Stage 4 – You pay $900.00 worth of ethereum to the person four levels above you and receive $900.00 worth of ethereum from sixteen members ($14,400.00 total).

Stage 5 – You pay $1,800.00 worth of ethereum to the person 5 levels above you and receive $1,800.00 worth of ethereum from thirty-two members ($57,600.00 total).

Stage 6 – You pay $3,600.00 worth of ethereum to the person 6 levels above you and receive $3,600.00 worth of ethereum from sixty-four members ($230,400.00 total).

Stage 7 – You pay $7,200.00 worth of ethereum to the person 7 levels above you and receive $7,200.00 worth of ethereum from one hundred and twenty-eight members ($921,600.00 total).

Stage 8 – You pay $14,400.00 worth of ethereum to the person 8 levels above you and receive $14,400.00 from two hundred and fifty-six members ($3,686,400.00 total).

See the level of profit you earn at various stages:

Stage 1: You donate 100% of your potential donations and can keep up to $0.00

Stage 2: You donate 50% of your potential donations and can keep up to $360.00

Stage 3: You donate 31.25% of your potential donations and can keep up to $1,980.00

Stage 4: You donate 12.5% of your potential donations and can keep up to $12.600.00

Stage 5: You donate 6.25% of your donations and can keep up to $54,000.00

Stage 6: You donate 3.125% of your donations and can keep up to $223,200.00

Stage 7: You donate 1.56% of your donations and can keep up to $907,200.00

Stage 8: You donate 0.0% of your donations and can keep up to $3,686,400.00

Total Potential Donations Kept/Monthly: $4,885.740.00

Note that the payment you receive is in ethereum. I decided to make use of dollars while compiling this so as to make it easy for you to understand the figures without confusion.

Every payment in this system is in ethereum, no other currency or cryptocurrency is accepted. It is a forced matrix program where you have spillovers. So if you are unable to recruit members but have an upline who keeps recruiting more people, some of the invitees of your upline will be forced into your network, and then you keep earning.

You are expected to renew your subscription each month, which is how the residual income continues for all.  After your initial payment of $90.00, all future payments should come from RECEIVED donation.

In project ethereum, received donation will be paid automatically so no member can mess up the system by refusing to upgrade to the next stage as at when due.  You will not have to worry if “Mr. A” has the time or can figure out how to pay.  The system will automatically take the money from “Mr. A” and pay the person eligible for the payment.

Members will be able to opt out of the system at any time.  If that happens, the person below the dropped out member will pay the person the opted out member was supposed to pay.  This is called dynamic compression.  It means no one will miss a payment.

You start receiving donation after you must have gotten one person on your team. It becomes more interesting when you recruit two individuals and get them to duplicate the process as well. A team of 14 members will pay you around $900 per month.

To make huge income in this system, you will have to learn how to duplicate whatever you do. Invite two persons and teach them to invite two persons as well. They should also encourage their invitees to invite two individuals each to keep the system going.

If you can achieve this, then earning with this programme will be a piece of cake.

Watch the video below for more understanding:


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Please use Gmail as your e-mail when signing up

A simple summary of the project ethereum platform promises:

It is a membership-based program where members gifts ethereum to each other.

The $90.00 per month membership includes:

  • A subscription to Crypto University (You can find that in your member area after signing up. It still displays a coming soon page)
  • A position in the company’s member to member donation program
  • Opportunity to go on actual Expeditions through Choice Humanitarian

How to Fund Your Project Ethereum Account with Ethereum and Start Earning

Before you can start earning on this platform, you will have to create your online ethereum wallet and get it stocked with ethereum. If you have been in the crypto field for a while, you will be familiar with the whole process.

However, if you are new to cryptocurrency, I will be giving a short tutorial on how to create your wallet and purchase some ethereum. If you already have bitcoins, you can convert it to ethereum without having to spend extra money on buying ethereum. There are many ways to get this done, depending on your country of location.

Below is a list of some websites where you can purchase ethereum: – buy with a credit card or bank account. – buy with a bank account or with Bitcoin (BTC). – buy with a credit card. – buy with Bitcoin (BTC). – buy with Bitcoin (BTC). – buy with Bitcoin (BTC). – buy with bank account. – buy with a credit card. – buy with a credit card. – buy with a credit card.

If you are familiar with cryptocurrency already, you should probably know how to purchase ethereum from the above-listed sites using bitcoin or the alternative payment options. After acquiring your $90 – $100 worth of ethereum, you will have to send the fund to your wallet on your project ethereum account dashboard.

If you are a beginner in cryptocurrency, go to, sign up with your email and click on the “buy/sell” button at the top bar of your coinbase account dashboard (see image below). You can make your purchase using a credit card or PayPal. This option is not available for everybody, depending on your location.

If you are based in Nigeria, you will not be able to buy ethereum from coinbase. However, you can buy bitcoin from, convert the bitcoin to ethereum and then fund your project ethereum wallet. I will show you how to go about that before the end of this post.

After making your purchase on coinbase, you will have to transfer the ethereum to your Project Ethereum wallet using the step below.

1. Sign Up with Project Ethereum using my referral link by clicking here

2. After registering, login to your account and copy your wallet address. See image below to locate your wallet address


3. Head straight to your coinbase account dashboard, click on the “Send/Request” tab at the top bar.


4. Click on the drop down beside the tab labeled “BTC Wallet” and select “ETH

5. Enter your project ethereum wallet address in the space provided as shown in the image below:

Enter the amount of ethereum you wish to send. Make sure “USD” is selected as shown below. You are required to send $90 worth of ethereum to your wallet, but due to the frequent fluctuation in the price of cryptocurrencies, I suggest you send $95 to $100. So when making your purchase from coinbase, try to buy more than $90 ethereum because of price fluctuation and some little transaction fees.

Click on “Send Funds” and allow few minutes for the funds to reflect on your project ethereum account

Converting Bitcoin to Ethereum

If you already have bitcoin in your wallet, you can convert it to ethereum. There are several ways to do that. However, I will be concentrating on just one way of doing that – using Jaxx app. You can use Jaxx app to store you bitcoin and ethereum and carry them with your smartphone wherever you go.

You can download jaxx app on your smartphone from Google Play Store for Android users or Apple App Store for iPhone users.

While setting up the app after installation, check the boxes for the creation of both bitcoin and ethereum wallets.

Two wallet addresses will be created for you for both bitcoin and ethereum. While purchasing bitcoin or ethereum from any seller, you can use your Jaxx wallet addresses for the purchase and stock your coins on Jaxx.

To convert bitcoins to ethereum, transfer your bitcoin to your bitcoin wallet address on Jaxx and follow the steps below:

1. Click on the icon between the “Receive” and “Send” tab.

2. Click the tab with the bitcoin symbol as shown below so as to change your transaction currency to USD for better understanding of the transaction.

3. Enter the amount of bitcoin (in USD) you wish to convert to ethereum. For this tutorial, I used $100 as you can see on the image.

4. Click on the “Shift” button to make the conversion.


There you go! You have succeeded in converting your bitcoins to ethereum.

Nigerians cannot buy ethereum from coinbase like I said earlier, but that wouldn’t stop you as a Nigerian from making money on project ethereum. Simply head straight to, purchase bitcoins from a seller, then transfer your bitcoin to Jaxx app and convert it to ethereum using the steps I just revealed.

Easy right?

Now that you have some ethereum on Jaxx app, you can proceed to send it to your project ethereum wallet using the following steps:

1. Click on the “ETH” tab to display your ethereum balance.


2. Now click on the “Send” button

3. Make sure “US$” is selected, so you know the amount of ethereum you are sending out. Enter the amount of ethereum you are sending to your project ethereum. Like I said earlier, project ethereum requires $90 start up fee, but I advise you send around $95 to $100 because of price fluctuation and transaction costs. Type in your project ethereum wallet address in the space labelled “Receiving Address“, then click on the “Send” button and allow few minutes for the fund to reflect on your project ethereum wallet.

The fund in your project ethereum wallet will be used for your membership donation whereas the balance in your Jaxx account you can use for whatever business you wish. I hope this makes sense.

So Chinedu, how do I get started?

Very simple! Get your $90 ready, join my network by clicking here, log in to your account and find your referral link (See image below). Now share your link with your friends on social media. Make sure you send me a message via my contact page or drop a comment below this post so I can connect with you.

If you encounter any issue while trying to sign up or get your account funded, do let me know through my contact page or via the comments. I will be happy to help you get it solved. If you have any question regarding this post, kindly drop a comment below.

What do you think about Project Ethereum? Have you joined the programme already? How far have you gone with your team building? Do let me know via the comment section. If you have any correction or more information to add to this piece, kindly let me know by leaving a cmment below.

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Disclaimer: Note that Project Ethereum is in no way affiliated to the Ethereum Foundation. It only adopted ethereum crytocurrency as a means of payment. I do not guarantee that you will make money from this platform as I do, results may vary based on efforts of individuals. I discovered that one could earn money from the system, so I decided to share the information. I am not responsible for any loss or damage that may arise as a result of you joining this platform or using any of the information in this post.

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